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Welcome to the official Anithesis website,
      We are a PvE guild that are working on putting together a core 10 man raid group. We are looking for players who want to progress in the end game content raids and are able to be on time for our scheduled raid times.
If you or somebody you know are interested in joining our guild for the reasons stated above, please scroll down the page to our recruitment box to see what spots are currently open for application. To apply for any of the spots listed please apply to this site and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Our scheduled raid times are Tuesday-Thursday 10:30 pm to 2:30 am server time. If you are not interested in raiding but would like to join Antithesis please feel free to contact the following members in game!

Dread Lord: Ramaya
Warlord: Pezdspencer
Wrathguard: Snookkie
Wrathguard: Dedrys
Wrathguard: Bohemoth
Wrathgruard: Bloodhellion

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Pezdspencer, Apr 17, 11 4:38 AM.
This bastard has a fast body despawn time so I forgot the picture last time. Dead again, same loot as the first time. Thanks pugs for the hand.

LK dead with 9

Pezdspencer, Apr 11, 11 3:01 AM.
Nice little execution by the 9 of us there. Enjoy your Kingslayer titles. ;D


Death to Magmaw

Ramayashaman, Apr 4, 11 11:57 PM.
     At 11:37 p.m. server time we finally downed Magmaw!!! What dropped? The 2 handed mace (went to Dedrys) and the healing helm (went to Noicha), also there was a BoE drop of the trash (went to Keuwa) so grats to everyone who got some new pieces! Though there were 7 of us from the guild that were there for the kill we were one person off from making it a guild kill. We need more guild members to attend our runs so we can have them count as guild kills. Also now that the ranks have been changed please note that a lot more of you are able to invite members to the guild, this means we could really use some more recruitment for more active members so we can have more guildsmen attend these guild raids! We are accepting all levels so please please please help us to grow as a guild!!! Thanks a ton for all of your help and don't forget that if you have any questions we also just promoted a new officer so you can always come to us!!!

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Ysondre (PvP)
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